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Rolling Blinds Aluminium Sliding Doors

Rolling Blinds Aluminium Sliding Doors
Description Aluminum sliding glass door with blind is rail design, embedded installation, Suitable for kitchen, library, indoor partition and the balcony door. Advantage: 1. Double glazed capability 2. Integrated screening does not interfere with winder 3. Full joint sealing maximize weather...
Product Details

Rolling Blinds Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminum Profiles:

Aluminum Alloy

Surface Finish: Powder coating


Tempered glass/Low-e glass/Float glass

Single Glazing or Double Glazing

Color: Clear, green, or other color


Sealing strips, pulley, rail, handle, Rolling Blinds


1) High-quality pulleys and rails mate together well and generate low noise when pushing and pulling the door

2) Very good sealing, heat insulation, no deformation, the surface is not easy to aging

3) Do not rust, do not fade, almost no maintenance, very convenient to repair, high quality spare parts, reducing the overall cost of decoration

4) Anti-collision device improves the buffer capacity of the door and reduce noise

5) Comes with inside magnetic control stainless steel Rolling Blinds, anti-UV, Anti-sunlight, anti-mosquito, anti-theft, prevent dust






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