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Aluminium Alloy Doors And Windows Maintenance Method
Apr 11, 2017

First of all, to ensure the cleanliness of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

In the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows process, the action to be as light as possible, do not force too fierce. After opening the doors and windows, if there is a hindrance, you should first troubleshoot. Keep the door frame clean, especially the push-pull groove. Gathering dust here is easy to cause aluminum alloy doors and windows push and pull difficulties, resulting in damage to the doors and windows, thus affecting the service life of doors and windows.

Second, pay attention to cleaning methods.

In scrubbing aluminum doors and windows, to try to choose soft gauze or cotton yarn, so as to avoid breaking the window surface. In scrubbing aluminum doors and windows, it is best to remove the window, can wipe clean, and can guarantee security.

Third, parts maintenance methods

Always check the various hardware parts of push and pull doors and windows, if there is a damage to the phenomenon, to be promptly repaired or replaced. The chute has been used for a long time, can be painted with a little wax or some oil drops to reduce friction, and keep the doors and windows open and shut down easy and flexible. Aluminum alloy doors and windows sealed top and glass seal is sealed insulation of the two key components, such as aging shrinkage or loose, should be promptly replaced.

Fourth, anti-corrosion methods

To avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals contact the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows, in the stain and booty, can be used soft cloth sticky water or neutral detergent to wash, to prevent the door and window corrosion.